Crowns & Bridges

A crown is a tooth shaped cap that snugly fits over a tooth that has broken, cracked, or for covering up an unsightly tooth for cosmetic purposes. Crowns improve strength, size and appearance. Getting a crown is a simple procedure and achieves great results. In all situations, a crown can be a great investment, as well as, improve your smile.

Prepping your tooth for a crown is relatively shutterstock_141161461simple. First, we anesthetize the problem tooth area. Once completely numb, we shave the tooth down using precise measurements. An impression is taken of your tooth so it may be sent away to an outside dental laboratory. They will then fabricate a new perfect tooth for you.

After we prepare your tooth for the crown in our office, our dental staff will create a temporary crown and use temporary cement to cover the shaved down tooth. That same day we will schedule you to come back for the permanent crown. At that visit, the temporary crown is removed and your new beautiful crown will be placed and cemented permanently.


A bridge is very similar in procedure to a crown, but normally, a bridge is filling in a space for a missing tooth. This missing tooth could have been extracted many years prior or relatively recent. It is a permanent restoration for replacing a permanent tooth that is no longer in the mouth.

If you are in need of a crown or bridge, contact Celebration Dental Group today. With 3 locations our team can handle all of your dental needs under one roof.

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